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Mariah Carey Meet&Greet experience

I wanna share this special occasion with the whole world so I'm posting in English.

Ever since 1994 I found myself quite lonely with my music taste. I was 12 years old and at the age when you have the first love - with music. Mariah Carey wasn't very popular among my friends but through Top 40 TV-show with music videos I fell in love with the record Music Box.

After 20 years Mariah finally came to Finland to Harwall Arena on 4th of April in 2016. There I found out that most of the other record buyers must have been much older than me. :)
The gig was so good with high notes and lower register. With all the songs I wanted to hear. We enjoyed it with my husband from rows 2 and 4. She looks so good and sings so purely.

I  listened to the Music Box probably hunders of times as a teenager. Colleted all the records of the gorgous woman and dreamed I could meet her someday. Now the day finally came when they sold these tickets with Meet and Greet possibility. I'm old enough to understand that this is the age when the fans have finally money to buy such expensive minutes of their lives just to make the teenage dreams come true. But it was more worth than I had been afraid.

She is a super star and she has the right to have her rules. Basically there's time for a photo and a chat for few phrases. I was afraid that I would freeze and not be able to say a word so I prepared myself with few photos I wanted to show her. I'm so proud of myself as I got to tell her the story I wanted. She even wanted me to tell it again on a video of her reality show. There I froze a bit. It would be so funny if I got to that show too! (As many in Finland know that our wedding was on reality show called Meidän häät and this spring our family is on another reality show called Kielletty rakkaus)

So what photos did I show her? And why? Here those are:

I had to keep the story short. Without her Hero -song we wouldn't have our family and the sweetes daughter. The song kept us sane when we had to fight three years to get the infertility treatment. The doctors thought we are too disabled to be parents and my husband is going to die too soon to be a good father. Mariah wanted to know what's wrong with my husband and if he is still alive. I told her that we are celebrating his 35th birthday this week. He is the best, the most caring and sensible father for Sävel (Melody in English her name is). Mariah said she is so happy for me about my daughter and family. I really am, she said and squished my shoulder.

I also brought her a Finnish children book about Santa Claus. I got to tell her that I brought that and it's for Roc and Roe. I think they like it as Sävel loves those books. And that Santa is from Finland. She said she knows that Santa is really from here, laughed, and thanked for the gift.

Then I had to give the space for the rest. I'm afraid I stole other people's minutes a bit. But I hope all the others had as great experience as I had.

Afterwards lots of things come to mind that I would have wanted to tell. I think I did not say enough clearly THANK YOU for these songs that kept us sane. Also Without You, When You Believe and I Still Believe. Okey, lots of believing there but there had to be. The songs helped us with believing on each other, our rights and on future.

If there wasn't such a hurry I would have told how Hero has helped me ever since teenage drama of my parents divorce, feeling lonely, feeling different or searching my ways for finding love. I have learned to love myself most and do the things I love with great passion. But I belive those are the stories she gets to hear. And I think it's great but I think this story is different with much more fight many can understand.

Before doctors give presciptions for depression they should make people to listen the Hero until the message is clear. This is my alternative medicine. You can do it if you want it. You just have to find your own way to achieve your goals. It doesn't need to be the way all the others do.

Photos of my husband might look scary if you are not used to seeing people with ventilator. I didn't want to scare anyone nor Mariah most. Mariah was interested what was with him. But there came the time limit. How to tell shortly about Duchenne muscular dystrophy? Easy for you to google it here. And there was this hazzle with camera etc. The anwer would have been: bad genes, he has illness that progresses slowly but effectively. He was like others until age of 6. Then his muscles started to get weaker, he started using wheelchair when he was 10, he started using ventilator at the age of 32 when the breathing muscles got also weak. But he has strong heart and we hope it keeps beating for many years. Meanwhile we can only enjoy each day we have as a family together.

And the picture with Mariah came out really nice. I look as happy I was. She was kind and caring with the diva style she has accomplished to have by being the biggest R&B singer ever.

ps. I will always love Mariah and her music will always be there for me.

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